February 3, 2023

Best Restaurant in Lebanon

Situated at the heart of the Old City of Beirut, Lebanese restaurants can satisfy any type of appetite. It is no wonder why the locals prefer them over international chains. Whether you are looking for a sit-down meal, or a casual sit-down dinner, you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Here are some of the top Lebanese restaurants in Beirut.

Anyone who loves seafood will fall in love with Mambo (former Mambo), an active seafood restaurant located in the heart of Old Beirut. Their homemade soups and pastas and their delicious chow mein dishes will surely warm your belly. The Fish Store is another seafood restaurant located in the heart of Old Beirut. The restaurant’s delicacies include kalamata trout, mussels, sea scallops, as well as crawfish.

The Boardwalk is a delicious Greek-American restaurant that serves traditional Greek food. The atmosphere is simple yet comfortable, and the food is quite good, particularly their souvlaki, with its rich flavorful meat and eggs. The Westgate is another Greek-American restaurant that serves traditional Greek food.

Habafta in Lebanon is renowned for its hummus pita sandwiches. They are served with refried beans and served with whole grain pita bread. Such sandwiches are said to be very popular with the locals. Marouf is another Lebanese chain, best known for its pita sandwiches and homemade hummus.

Kafe Benne is another of the top Lebanese restaurants. This restaurant is located in Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut. It serves traditional Lebanese and International cuisine in its Mediterranean-inspired dining room. There are several banquet halls in Lebanon, where it can be enjoyed with other diners.

The Baradei is located in one of the oldest districts of Beirut. The restaurant is owned by two of Lebanon’s wealthiest families, Bader and Foulkes. The restaurant serves continental and Asian cuisine along with Arabic and Lebanese specialties. The restaurant is open most of the year and during the summer months it may be a bit chilly, but its warm service and food will make up for the cold.

Rakib Bread is another restaurant that you will enjoy. This classy restaurant is situated in the Mar Mikhael district of Beirut. The restaurant specializes in Greek food and serves specialty cocktails and local ales.

These are just a few of the favorites among the best favorite Lebanese restaurants. If you would like to try something new in Beirut, just look for the neighborhood where you would like to eat and you will be sure to find it.

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