February 3, 2023

Best Restaurant in Malta

Malta is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe with many renowned restaurants catering to the varied taste buds of visitors. Here are some of the places where tourists and locals like to go for a bite of dining.

Pinok restaurant – This restaurant is the best in the city of Mermiston in Malta. It was opened over 60 years ago, by the owner of a local restaurant in Mermiston, where the same man has been serving food for over 30 years. The food is served with full care and hospitality.

Grand Steamer Restaurant – This restaurant located in Oujaa on the west coast of Malta, is considered as one of the best restaurants in Malta. It serves homemade bread made with Italian ingredients, cooked with the finest wines and beef. The dishes include sausage, oysters, lamb, and many more. It is famous for its fresh and unique dishes, served with great care.

Sunflower Restaurant – This restaurant located on the main road in Sibiu is another famous restaurant in Malta. It was founded by Reinaldo Ceccarelli in 1978 and it has become a familiar place for many tourists and local people. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is romantic.

Svegovenica – This restaurant located in Mermiston on the west coast of Malta is popular among tourists and locals alike. It was established by the best chef in the island and is known for its unique and delicious dishes and great service. Svegovenica has three branches and they serve great appetizers, finger food, and desserts.

La Scala- The restaurant on the Avenue at Melia, which is only about four minutes away from the Royal Palace is also popular among tourists. It is a traditional Italian restaurant, which serves rich and diverse cuisine, including seafood and tasty dishes. Hotel. Co. – Located just five minutes away from the Royal Palace, this hotel provides an ambience for every occasion, from family dinner to a night of fine cuisine.

Mermiston is one of the best restaurants in Malta. It offers delicious Italian dishes, with a flair for flavoursome little extras, such as homemade pastries and Italian sodas. It also provides great shopping for local crafts and gifts.

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